DSI Reflecting on Summer 2022’s Community Design for Leaders Course

Monica Snellings

Monica Snellings

“I took my thesis work and continued with it for the past year. And now I am going to be working with an education policy project in Washington, DC where we are rethinking education completely from the ground up.” — Monica Snellings

The Power of a Thesis in Design for Social Innovation

In a matter of weeks, our third class will present their thesis projects on stage at the SVA Beatrice Theater. One of the unique aspects of DSI is the diversity of our students, in their interests, their experiences and the cultures from which they come. Twenty-four countries (and counting) have been represented, with interests as…

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Life After DSI: Monica Snellings

We are living in an age of rapid transformation and rethinking. Now more than ever, people around the world are questioning the way we’ve done things in the past, and have decided to envision a new future. But, in a world that moves fast — where there are no predictable outcomes — how do you define what skills are needed to change the world? There are no set pathways, no determined skill sets.

My Future Self

by Monica Snellings

“A tool for 5th graders that makes their futures more concrete and leads to self-discovery that empowers students to own and embrace their education.”

Monica Snellings (’14) Helps Reimagine Student-Centered Education at Convergence: Center for Policy Resolution

At face value, Becky Pringle and Gisele Huff would seem unlikely allies. Why are the two collaborating on a keynote presentation at a major education conference in Orlando, Fla., next week? And how did they come to be signatories, along with 26 other education leaders with wide-ranging political and ideological views, to a provocative vision for transforming American education?

Announcing the Design for Social Innovation Alumni Association

Headed by DSI Alumni Ambassadors Monica Snellings and Josh Treuhaft, the group will provide a platform for our growing DSI Alumni. Look for more news to come soon.

Monica Snellings

Monica Snellings has been surrounded by policy and politics for the past 20 years, leading design teams and raising a family on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. She’s worked with government agencies and nonprofit organizations in the development of behavior, policy, and strategic communication materials. At the National Institute of Aging, she helped create Go4Life, an…

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