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Measured Summit

Measured: London

Gill Wildman, of Plot London came to New York to participate in our Measured Summit last January, and we got to talking about the high level of interest in her home town for measuring the impact of social design. We went there, and hosted a “brilliant” British evening. Gill led, Jesper Christiansen was there and…

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How Do We Really Know How Effective We Are?

In my last post, I wrote about the strong conviction that a growing number of funders, practitioners, evaluators and designers have – that social design is the most effective method for developing new systems, programs, services and interactions that will solve the major challenges of humanity. I also mentioned that we don’t yet have a concrete or evidence-based way to measure the difference it makes.

The Measured Summit

On January 23-24, 2017, DSI and its partner Worldstudio will host the first annual Measured Symposium at the SVA Beatrice Theater, and launch an ongoing effort to quantify design’s effectiveness as a methodology for social change. We’ll have much more information to follow, but please read more below, save the date and sign up here to receive updates.

Designing a Way to Measure the Impact of Design

A group of diverse funders, business leaders, and practitioners are looking to quantify the potential of social design — the application of design methodologies to solutions for complex human problems — to improve lives.

On The Radio: Interviews with Measured Speakers and Provocateurs

In the midst of the crowded SVA theater, Denver Frederick, host of the radio show The Business of Giving (@BizofGive) on New York’s WNYM-AM (970) managed to interview a number of the participants.  Hear for yourself at the links below. Laurie Leitch Cheryl Heller Maggie Breslin Jonathan McKay Doug Powell

Measured ))

Last Tuesday, two hundred and fifty people gathered at the SVA theater in New York to begin the conversation about measuring the impact of social design on health. It was informative, exciting, energized. And it wasn’t enough. We knew it would be only a beginning. In the weeks to come, we will be creating a…

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An Interview with Measured Summit Organizer Cheryl Heller

A quick download of “The Measured Summit: Measuring the Impact of Social Design on Human Health,” happening next Tuesday, January 24th, in NYC. What is the Summit? Why is it happening? Who will be there? Our interview with the Summit’s lead organizer, Cheryl Heller, will help you get queued in to what’s going on.

Getting Real About How to Solve the Problems That Matter

If we learned anything from the 2016 election (and I’m not yet sure we have), it’s that every single one of us is capable of believing only the version of truth we want to hear, and tuning out the views that threaten ours. Reality is suddenly an opinion, not a fact, and the passion with which people defend their divergent versions of it has reached the boiling point.

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