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Maia Kaufman

Inside a Thesis Prototype: The V Store

Rarely in life do we get to have something we’ve been picturing in our heads for a long time come to life in the real world, so this has been an amazing and mind-bending experience. I came up with the concept for The V Store just over a year ago: a comprehensive, approachable concept store…

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Maia Kaufman ’16 completes the SVA GroundFloor Incubator with a new brand.

The year long fellowship provides rigorous mentorship in the development of SVA graduate enterprises. Over a 16 week intensive of prototyping, workshops and advisement students develop their ventures and businesses. Maia’s process was integral​ to the trajectory ​and rebranding of the V-Store​, a retail space dedicated to Women’s sexual health, now titled Maam. While the…

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The V Store

by Maia Kaufman

“A for-profit store that merges sexual and reproductive health — a ‘genius bar’ for vaginas.”

The V Store: A Unique Pop-Up Store for Women’s Health

Don’t miss Maia Kaufman’s thesis pop-up, The V Store, March 11th–13th! It’s a comprehensive, approachable concept store for sexual and reproductive healthcare products, services, and information, staffed with sex educators and medical professionals. Curated products address all women’s needs from menstruation to menopause and beyond.

Maia Kaufman

Maia Kaufman is a native New Yorker and second daughter to an amazing single Jewish mother. She graduated from Emerson College with a BA in Media Studies. She’s looking to apply her skills in the entertainment world to create companies that contribute to society. She’s also passionate about women’s rights and has spent the last…

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