DSI Congratulations to our Paula Rhodes Award Recipients!

Lee-sean Huang

Faculty Member Lee-Sean Huang Joins Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation

Back in June DSI faculty member Lee-Sean Huang joined the board of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation, the only nonprofit organization in North America incorporated by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. The mission of the foundation is to use Desmond Tutu’s life and teachings to inspire young people to build a world of peace within themselves,…

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Welcome, Class of 2019

Last week we greeted our sixth cohort to DSI with what has become a long-standing tradition. The Bootcamp introductions allowed new students to get acquainted with one another and the place that will be their home away from home for the next two years. After participating in a workshop led by faculty, Lee-Sean Huang and…

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Faculty Lee-Sean Huang launches podcast “Design Future Now”

Lee-Sean Huang, who teaches both semesters of Technologies for Designing Change, has kicked off a new podcast for AIGA called “Design Future Now”. Each episode features a guest or two from the world of design, but not necessarily in the way one might expect (as expected from Lee-Sean, our favorite provocateur). The trailer for the…

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Sloan Leo and Design Future Now: Can the Language of Design be a Bridge to Racial Justice?

This past week, faculty member Lee-Sean Huang (who teaches both semesters of Technologies for Designing Change) invited Sloan Leo–our Spring 2020 Designer in Residence–for an enlightening segment on AIGA’s Design Future Now podcast. In the episode, the two discuss theory and the potential of using the language of design as a tool in accomplishing racial…

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Lee-Sean Huang

“I guess my advice is to be open minded to this, right, this can both be an accelerator for your existing plans and enterprises but also be open to the serendipity of this program taking you somewhere else and exposing you to interests that you wouldn’t have thought of before.” — Lee-Sean Huang

Faculty Lee-Sean Huang Speaks on Big Data and Social Justice

Today, big data and information gleaned from algorithms are used to make determinations about everything from insurance rates to defendants’ flight risk. This reality was tackled by “The Big Data Society: How Algorithms Shape Opportunity and Disadvantage” panel at the 2017 Future of Wealth Summit. Moderator Lee-Sean Huang, co-founder and creative director of Foossa, and panelists Taylor…

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Lee-Sean Huang

Lee-Sean Huang is a cofounder and creative director of Foossa, a community-centered design consultancy. His practice incorporates storytelling, user experience, and service design to build more inclusive, participatory, and resilient communities. His work ranges from redesigning the experience of employee health and wellness at a Fortune 500 corporation to helping agencies of the United Nations…

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Technologies for Designing Change I

Fall Semester: I credit
11/09/20 – 12/14/20 (6 classes)
Mondays 6:00 - 9:00 pm EST
Instructor: Lee-Sean Huang

From Skynet to Hal 9000 popular culture has cast artificial intelligence (AI) as the catalyst of the apocalypse, but what if AI could help humanity instead of dooming it? This course explores artificial intelligence and machine learning and how these technologies might be applied to global issues. We will look at the history of AI from the works of Alan Turing to Elon Musk and examine the current state of the technology, how it fails and where it succeeds. Students will be introduced to IBM Watson's technology and have access to the APIs; a background in computer science is not necessary. The course will culminate in a project to design and prototype an artificial intelligence application for social good.

Faculty Lee-Sean Huang on How To Create Social Change: 3 Expert Storytelling Techniques

Sitting down to write this post, I thought about how I could talk about my experience in storytelling and social change for globesprouting readers. Exploring my stream of consciousness, I began reflecting on my recent visit to Hawai’i, which then gave me the inspiration for the following three insights on successful social change storytelling.

Creating a Social Movement around Women’s Health

Step-by-step makeup tutorials posted to YouTube receive millions of views from women who want help with their beauty routines. We decided to flip the message of a typical makeup tutorial to reveal the ugly truth — women are unknowingly harming their health every single day, just by applying their makeup.

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