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Jessica Silver

Just Ask.

Jessica Silver, Sofia Granefelt Lauren (2018) How can the design of health clinics inside jails and prisons improve people’s ability to give and receive healthcare? Can it change the fact that people behind bars lose two years of life expectancy for every one they spend there? Just Ask a novel and simple approach that surfaces…

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In the Ecuadorian Rainforest

In our Communication Design class, teams choose from a group of diverse clients, to learn to use communication to help them achieve their mission to solve social problems. This year, clients are Encore (helping older adults connect to purpose), Going to School (helping school children in India become social entrepreneurs), BarberShop Books (overcoming book deserts…

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Jessie Silver

Jessie Silver recently arrived to New York by way of Rwanda, where she spent the last 3 years leading the collaborative design and implementation of a new medical record system for the country’s primary referral hospital. She holds a BS in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University, and a BA in Human Biology from the University…

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