DSI Thesis Intensives: Facilitation 101


Why DSI? Paul Lillehaugen. That’s Why.

When he’s not teaching Understanding Natural and Social Systems at DSI, Paul Lillehaugen works as an urban planning and strategy consultant. In his work at Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program–as well as in other private, public, and nonprofit sectors⁠—he has helped cities across the U.S. and Canada develop long-term resilience strategies to address their…

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Introducing our New Faculty

This semester we welcome Corwin Green, Kate Reed Petty, Kalli Retzepi and Kara Meyer to our faculty. Corwin Green, who is co-teaching Communication Design with chair Miya Osaki, is an educator and communications designer, whose focus is to investigate how collective power is created in design and art. A generalist, he works in print, environmental…

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