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David Rojas

#WhyDSI: Because you want a career as a healthcare designer.

From Graphic Designer to Global Health Innovator. David Rojas-Léon is committed to improving healthcare. As a visual designer and lead interaction designer at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai’s Arnhold Institute, David puts humans at the center of his work. His goal is to create a sustainable global health impact for poor communities,…

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David Rojas

“I want to draw a parallel between high school and middle school students here in New York children of migrants, Colombian migrants and also see what happens in certain schools in Bogota around this idea of being educated in peace as a culture.” — David Rojas

Piezas Faltantes (Missing Pieces)

by David Rojas

“Piezas Faltantes (Missing Pieces) is an intervention that brings to life the memory of people in Colombia who went missing due to the political armed conflict.”

David Rojas

David Rojas-León is a Colombian graphic designer with a degree in Design Management from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá. He’s worked on a range of projects in web and print design, branding, communication, and strategic design. His first job was as a web designer at Casa Editorial El Tiempo. In 2010 he began work…

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Earth To Paris Summit in Realtime with DSI Designers

On December 7th and 8th, leaders from all over the world gathered in Paris to discuss climate change, and how to target/reverse its effects. The two day summit, Earth To Paris, provided the opportunity for cross-sector, solutions-oriented engagement in climate change, and a platform for amplifying conversations across social and digital media. Through an inspiring multi-language live-streamed video,…

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International Students Information Session — 2015

Welcome to our international information session, wherever you are in the world. We have a tradition to post, after our New York reception, an online welcome of sorts to all our international applicants. In this film, you’ll find an overview of the program, and answers to the questions we are most often asked, from our first and second year students.

DSI Faculty and Students Help Create an Interactive Exhibition Attacking Rape Culture

DSI Faculty Lina Srivastava and students Margarita Korol & David Rojas co-production of the exhibition “Priya’s Shakti” featured on MSNBC.

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