DSI Getting Back to Nature with Danielle Skinn’s (‘20) Compostable Pillow Studio


DSI Advisor Erik Hersman in the Big News

When Mark Zuckerberg made his first visit to sub-Saharan Africa recently, he ended up at “the most famous of Africa’s Innovation hubs.” According to Forbes, “He also popped into the office of BRCK, a remarkable internet connectivity device that has since morphed into a clever education system for the developing world. Both have been co-founded…

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From Public Relations to Public Policy

Since the day she entered DSI, Meghan Lazier was committed to seizing every opportunity. When she was able to spend a summer in Kenya helping Erik Hersman launch BRCK, she jumped on it without hesitation. She knew she wanted international experience — and BRCK, a Nairobi-based company that connects frontier markets to the Internet, was…

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Erik Hersman

Erik Hersman is an innovator, technologist, and blogger focused on the use of technology to empower people in the developing world. He founded Ushahidi, a non-profit that uses crowdsourcing as a model for social activism and public accountability. Ushahidi’s work helped inspire the term ‘activist mapping’ – a hybrid practice that combines social activism, citizen…

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Meghan Lazier, ’15, is Bringing Education to Children All Over the World

Since the day she entered DSI, and likely for many years before, Meghan Lazier was committed to seeing every opportunity in front of her and seizing it. She is mature, motivated, smart and resourceful. When the opportunity came up to spend a summer in Kenya helping Erik Hersman launch BRCK, she jumped on it without hesitation.…

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Social Innovation in Kenya: No Translation Necessary

Even before I packed my bags and headed to New York to enroll at DSI, I’ve had to explain what design for social innovation means to everyone from my grandpa to my coworkers to my landlord.  I’ve practiced a variety of different versions of my spiel, so when I decided to spend the summer in…

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