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Asi Burak

Fall 2020 Fast Track Students Announced

This semester, our Fast Track program has selected students working on impactful, timely projects across the globe. The selected students began developing these designs outside of DSI coursework, and have brought them into our space to be workshopped and developed at an accelerated rate.  First year Kehan Zhang (‘22) is tackling the needs of the…

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Announcing the first Fast Track Winners

Fast Track is a new DSI initiative intended to take students’ bold ideas to the real world. DSI faculty Asi Burak and Maggie Breslin are leading the program, and will mentor the winners and get them the help they need to realize their ideas. The first winners are Catalina Cipri, who is developing a Facebook…

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Asi Burak

Asi Burak is Co-President at Games for Change, the leading global advocate of digital social impact games. He develops programs to raise the quality and influence of social impact games and produces the Annual Games for Change Festival, dubbed “the Sundance of Video Games.” Asi works with organizations that are developing digital games to further…

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MFA Design For Social Innovation At SVA Introduces The Games For Impact Workshop


Faculty Asi Burak of Power Play to Help Launch Skoltech Esports Academy in Moscow

Once a niche phenomenon relegated to cramped computer labs, esports – video-game tournaments played between professional gamers before live and online audiences – has burst into the mainstream. A recent survey conducted by L.E.K. Consulting revealed that at increasing rates, millennials are shirking traditional sports viewership and embracing esports. “Though such events aren’t organized in…

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Asi Burak

Asi Burak. That’s why. Among other things, Asi is a pioneer in making digital games work for good, has inspired millions of people to play his Half the Sky Movement game on Facebook, and he teaches Games for Impact at DSI. DSI: What’s design for social innovation for you? There is innovation, and then there is innovation…

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Faculty Asi Burak: Gamers Have ‘Power as a Movement’

Gone are the days when switching on a video game meant chewing up blinking Pac-Dots or dodging banana peels on a Mario Kart racecourse. As video games have evolved over the past several decades to incorporate the latest technologies available, so, too, has their ability to impact players and generate lasting change, according to a veteran Israeli game creator and social entrepreneur.

Games for Impact Welcomes Cornell Tech

The Games for Impact class, taught by Asi Burak and Toni Pizza, recently presented their first game assignment, in the inaugural class integrating students from Cornell Tech. Students developed a “non-impact” game under assigned creative constraints, in order to practice game-making tools, processes and game mechanics to generate player engagement. The resulting games were an…

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Faculty Asi Burak: How Video Games Can Change the World

The new book, Power Play: How Video Games Can Save The World, by Asi Burak and Laura Parker, was just released. Asi is well known in the game world as the creator of PeaceMaker and the former executive director of Games For Change. For quite a while now, he has been the go-to source for understanding the social impact gaming movement.

Come build it! A Game Jam for Social Good

Join a team of designers from the innovative Design for Social Innovation program at SVA to create a game in ONE WEEKEND. We will take projects from concept to a workable prototype with mentorship from veteran game designers and producers.

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New York, NY 10011
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