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Archie Lee Coates

Archie Lee Coates IV

“We’re looking for the types of people that are ready to discover something that rocks them to their core. And it doesn’t matter how good of a designer they are, or how good of a storyteller they are, it doesn’t really matter — it just matters that they are willing.” — Archie Lee Coates IV Apply

Archie Lee Coates IV & Jeffrey Franklin

Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeffrey Franklin. That’s why. Among other things, Jeffrey Franklin and Archie Coates are making it possible for nine million New Yorkers to swim in the East River for the first time in one hundred years. And they teach Thesis at DSI. DSI: What’s design for social innovation? Our position is…

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DSI Faculty Make More Waves with the World’s First Water-Filtering Floating Pool

Originally posted on Architectural Digest On Tuesday night, Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel was the site of an unlikely pool party—specifically, a gala to celebrate the final research phase for + POOL, a four-year initiative to build a floating, water-filtering pool in New York’s Hudson or East River. Guests including architects Bjarke Ingels and Dominic Leong, restaurateur…

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DSI Faculty Moves Closer to Their Dream of Building Plus Pool

The East River is beautiful to look at, but would you wade into this water? Some say no, but Jeffrey Franklin has a vision and this is what it looks like. The +POOL is designed to filter the river water to make it swimmable, and it could end up at Hallets Point.

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