DSI Thesis Intensives: Facilitation 101

Amer Jandali

Spring 2020 Fast Track Students Announced

Our honors Fast Track program is kicking off the spring semester with new students and impactful projects! The selected students began developing these designs outside of DSI coursework, and have brought them into our space to be workshopped and developed at an accelerated rate. Damian Ashton (‘20) is prototyping ways to incentivize New Yorkers to…

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Amer Jandali

“You don't have to know what you want to do. You just have to know why you want to come here, and if you want to see the world a better place, that's it. Then you learn how to think about problem solving, and something might emerge to you that you never even considered.” — Amer Jandali

Amer Jandali

Amer Jandali is a Syrian-American New Mexican who’s worked as a nightclub DJ for the past five years and an Account Executive at Ogilvy in Saudi Arabia for a year. An optimist, dreamer, and blooming activist, Amer’s passion is people and the realization of a healthy future. He came to DSI to learn about systems,…

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Wear Your Values: A New Enterprise from Amer Jandali

Created for the DSI exhibit: Fix! An artful exhibit of tools for solving human problems in 2015,  Amer Jandali ’16 is taking Braceletote mainstream. Braceletote is a tote bag that folds up and becomes a bracelet. Always handy — it’s designed for the urban commuter. For the person making quick bodega stops during a commute, usually not as a…

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by Kyle Calian and Amer Jandali

“A bike-operated compost pickup service that enables those living in urban areas to divert their organic waste from the landfill.”

DSI Student Amer Jandali Hits the Road With Random Acts of Kindness

Two friends from Las Cruces, who are now living in different parts of the country, have spent the last two weeks on a journey spreading kindness to random people. For longtime friends Amer Jandali and Diana O’Brien, a simple idea has turned into something remarkable.

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