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Alejandro Cercas

Hey Polly

Sandy Wijaya Guberti-Ng, Alejandro Cercas (2018) An open-source online platform which helps communities and cities with limited English proficient populations (LEP) create more equitable access to vital services. Process Paper: (PDF) www.pollyportal.com.

Alejandro Cercas

Alejandro Cercas is from Miami and graduated from SVA with a degree in Photography and Gender Studies. He’s interested in creatively tackling the pressing issues of globalization, climate change, and racial dynamics.

In the Ecuadorian Rainforest

In our Communication Design class, teams choose from a group of diverse clients, to learn to use communication to help them achieve their mission to solve social problems. This year, clients are Encore (helping older adults connect to purpose), Going to School (helping school children in India become social entrepreneurs), BarberShop Books (overcoming book deserts…

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