DSI Reflecting on Summer 2022’s Community Design for Leaders Course

Summer Master Class

Social Design Meets Entrepreneurship

In this one week master class, learn how to combine doing well with doing good. In a partnership between MFA Design for Social Innovation at SVA and the Babson Social Innovation Lab, faculty from both schools will provide the tools and experiential learning to create both social and financial value simultaneously.

Learning is anchored in the seamless integration of business, creative and social innovation methodologies:

The creative process, the underlying methodology for developing and realizing new ideas. Internalizing this process embeds the ability to visualize desired results, map current reality, tap the power of limits to accelerate ideation, prototype, implement and use creativity to “delight” other stakeholders into participating.

Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®, methodology allows participants to act, learn and build on their ideas. Using who they are, what they know, who they know, their current means at hand, and failure as learning, participants will gain new tools and be introduced to a new mindset for accelerating ideas into action.

Social Design, creates a culture of productive relationships within an organization that are the true determinants of success. Participants will learn to map the invisible dynamics that shape culture, use identity as a source of energy, co-create a shared vision, and apply game mechanics and movement building techniques to align support within their organization.

Communication Design, strategic use of language and messaging and story-telling that the most effective leaders use to drive enlistment.

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