DSI Reflecting on Summer 2022’s Community Design for Leaders Course

by Akshata Malhotra

“Wise MD is a fitbit like app to help physicians with real time, automatic and physician specific data, aiming to enable cost conscious, quality care decisions.”

The U.S. spends the highest GDP per capita on healthcare in the world. 1/3 of this is unnecessary. While doctors control the majority of the waste (80%), the lack of transparency in the system creates an indifferent attitude among doctors regarding costs. This excess of treatment is not only causing 2 trillion dollars of waste per year, but more importantly, it is also causing harm to patients — up to 37,000 patients die in the U.S. every year because of over treatment.

With my thesis, I have created a tool for doctors to get personalized, automatic real time feedback. There are 3 main components that they are getting feedback about: Time Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness and Quality of Care. This allows doctors to learn from their own decisions and apply that learning to future decisions, thus providing high value care to patients.

Thesis Paper: (PDF)

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