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by Michelle Kwon

“What’s Not To Love is an online platform in which young people visit and share their concerns about appearance, expose themselves to new and diverse perspectives of beauty, and connect with people from all around the world.”

Millions of women, some as young as 16 years old, consider getting plastic surgeries. Many people use some kind of internet platform to learn more about plastic surgeries; in South Korea, there’s an online culture where young women post selfies and solicit criticism from anonymous users, asking where they need to fix. This quickly turns into online bullying and trolling.

How can we change this? Can design guide and influence the behavior of online bullying and perception of beauty? What if there was a way that encourages women to accept who they are as is?

What’s Not To Love is an online platform that fosters humane interaction among users from all around the world. It demonstrates that virtuality and anonymity don’t hinder humane interaction, but better yet, they can further better our lives and the way we interact, and influence our perception of beauty.

Thesis Paper: (PDF)

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