DSI Fall 2020 Fast Track Students Announced

by Anna Braga

“A toolkit that helps college students navigate through the untested waters of their depression and begin to take more control of the path they chart.”

College is a time of transition for most students: they are often away from their support systems, having to balance their newfound independence with taking care of themselves, managing their school work, paying bills and so much more. When you are depressed, you feel as if all your energy has been drained and doing even simple tasks can feel overwhelming, especially as a college student who is going through so many transitions in life. I began to wonder how could I help college students be better prepared for this journey?

I am developing a way for students to explore and navigate their experiences with depression through creative expression in a toolkit form. The kit helps students better understand how they are affected by depression and enables them to prepare for their oncoming slumps by building a kit to support them in those moments.

Thesis Paper: (PDF)

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