DSI Reflecting on Summer 2022’s Community Design for Leaders Course

by Renzo J. Perez-Acosta

“Diffuse is a project based on curbing the rampant growing rate of bike theft here in NYC.”

Diffuse has the potential to change the way we see bike theft by turning a personal and private problem (being a victim of bike theft) into a shared public one. The goal is to create change and cause proactive actions against bike theft, which would otherwise not happen. By exerting paint, this device creates evidence that an act of theft has occurred and helps establish a sense of accountability between the thief and the community. The paint markings can be useful in helping a potential buyer of second-hand bikes or parts to avoid buying stolen parts, and by marking parking spots where bike thefts have occurred, and ultimately raising awareness of the growing rate of bike thefts in NYC.

Thesis Paper: (PDF)

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