DSI Reflecting on Summer 2022’s Community Design for Leaders Course

by Hannah Phang and Bruno Silva

“Clo is a clothing sharing platform for college age women that uses borrowing to reduce the consumption of new clothes.”

Thesis Paper: (PDF)

The fashion industry has a tremendous impact on the environment and on human well-being, from toxic water waste to child labor, but more and more new clothes are demanded each year. Clo is a way for the main target audience of cheap fashion retailers, college age women, to share clothes, making borrowing a more efficient and attractive alternative to buying new clothes, while also informing them of the positive environmental impact of sharing compared to buying new. Users create profiles, upload images of their clothes to digital closets, search and borrow from their friends, trying new clothes and expanding their closets at no cost, and see the connection between their individual actions to the larger environmental impact. By increasing the existing behavior of sharing clothes, we can reduce demand for fast fashion and therefore reduce the negative consequences of the fashion industry.

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