9/22/2022 Fall ’22 Designer in Residence: Karen Proctor, Improv Lab

by Kara Isabella

“Backyard Lots is a neighborhood revitalization program that transforms vacant lots into safe and local recreational outlets for the neighborhood of Slavic Village in Cleveland, Ohio.”

Thesis Paper: (PDF)

Backyard Lots showcases the benefits and potential of vacant properties. The idea behind Backyard Lots is to take what some people may see as a liability and turn it into an asset for the community. Backyard Lots provides secure and convenient locations for youth to organize and participate in sports. The program provides residents with the necessary recreational outlets they don’t currently have, and attracts new residents and retains current residents in order to fill vacancies and create a thriving community once again.

136 W 21st St,
5th Fl.
New York, NY 10011
(212) 592–2205