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The Measured Symposium. Understanding and Scaling the Impact of Design


January 24, 2017

The social design process – human centered design principles, methods and tools – is being used by a growing number of funders, designers and social sector practitioners as an approach to solving complex social problems. Significant resources are being invested, and an enormous buzz has emerged about design’s potential for increasing impact, yet no comprehensive effort has been undertaken to document, measure or analyze its benefits. Until Now.

The Measured Symposium, created by DSI and its partner Worldstudio, will bring together leaders and practitioners from business, the social sector, foundations, technology and design to address this issue, investigating the needs and establishing the practice of monitoring and evaluating how the design process contributes to social impact programs.

As an annual event and ongoing initiative, The Measured Symposium will provide a platform for collaboration and learning that will help quantify how social change practitioners use design to improve the outcomes of their efforts, and allow others to adapt and contribute to best practices for evaluation and implementation.

The 2017 inaugural Measured Symposium will focus on measuring the impact of design on health over the course of a day and one-half.

The symposium will consist of a half-day facilitated workshop, followed by a series of panels and presentations to an audience of up to three hundred fifty people, during which participants will share questions and challenges, best practices, and thoughts for appropriate ways to measure social design’s impact.

This is not a conference of ideas or innovations for their own sake, but a working symposium where leading funders and practitioners will share and grow learning and tools.

We intend for participants to leave with:
‣ Clarity about what social design (in all its names) is
‣ An understanding of how it is being used by leading organizations and practitioners
‣ An understanding of how it is currently being evaluated
‣ Alignment on the questions that need to be answered in order to bring rigor and discipline to its application

Participants so far include representatives from the Autodesk Foundation, Catapult Design, D-Rev, the Gates Foundation, IBM, John Snow International, Mass Design, the Public Policy Lab, the Praekelt Foundation, Plot London, the New York Department of Health, Techsoup, Tongji University, and a growing list of other exciting leaders.

The Measured Symposium will be held at the SVA Beatrice Theatre on West 23rd Street, New York.

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