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DSI Advisor Erik Hersman in the Big News

When Mark Zuckerberg made his first visit to sub-Saharan Africa recently, he ended up at “the most famous of Africa’s Innovation hubs.” According to Forbes, “He also popped into the office of BRCK, a remarkable internet connectivity device that has since morphed into a clever education system for the developing world. Both have been co-founded by Erik Hersman – who is also the co-founder of Ushahidi, the real-time reporting tool created during the violence following Kenya’s disputed 2008 elections and is considered – along with M-Pesa – as one of Kenya’s greatest tech success stories.”

We’ve known Erik since he showed up for the first class of PopTech Social Innovation Fellows, and he has been a friend and mentor ever since. Meghan Lazier (’15) spent a summer as an intern at BRCK, and benefited enormously from the experience.

Congratulations Erik, we’re honored to know you.

photos: BRCK Blog
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