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Rodrigo Muñoz, ’16, Goes From Graduate Student to Professor

Within a month of graduating from DSI, Rodrigo Muñoz has become a professor at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) in Ecuador, where he’ll be teaching at the School of Communications and Contemporary Arts (COCOA). His courses will range from Fundamentals of Design and Software to advanced Thesis and Research studies.

USFQ is a pioneer in Ecuador, generating a significant number of projects related to the environment and science from their two scientific campuses, in the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Jungle. The University also has one of the biggest populations of native Ecuadorian students in the country, located in the 3 continental regions of jungle, highlands and coast. Moreover, every semester, USFQ organizes several events among its 10 schools and 49 majors. This September 22nd and 23rd the university will host the Design, Interactivity and Animation Biennale VERTICE 2016, a public event where people from diverse career backgrounds meet and work with diverse figures from all around the world. DSI Chair Cheryl Heller will be a participant this year.

Rodrigo’s strategy is to introduce a more diverse perspective of design than what is traditionally taught, and to introduce his future students to the wide range of skills he learned at DSI. “I want them to feel how amazing it is to leave the classroom, meet people and create with them the solutions the world needs.”

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