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Ideas in Action: Can We Care Together?

February 26, 2020

We are a species and planet in a time of significant upheaval — and in this time of disruption, there is an urgent need to strengthen the resilience of our communities, at work, at home and where we live, work and play. The social design field, despite its nascence, provides opportunity to leverage design interventions – in places, spaces and processes that create the enabling conditions for the cultural phenomenon we call community. We must ask ourselves – how can social innovation as a design practice connect more deeply with social innovation as it is practiced by movements, institutions and people seeking justice? What tools and frameworks can social innovators learn from social designers and vice versa?

Drawing upon grassroots organizing tactics, community based human centered design, biomimetic innovation and other fields, these dialogues will explore shared values, language, approaches and aspirations between the fields of social design and social justice.

Join Designer-in-Residence Sloan Leo and DSI chair Miya Osaki for the first in a series of curated conversations exploring innovations in community building.

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