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AIGA SF Social Innovation Week with Cheryl Heller

November 14, 2016

San Francisco Design Week is a community event driven by AIGA SF and a committee of representatives from multiple design disciplines in the Bay Area. Design Week spans the entire Bay Area from Silicon Valley to the city of San Francisco. With more than 60 studio tours and 200 events throughout the week featuring world-renowned designers, entrepreneurs and innovative thought leaders. During this innovative week of events, Cheryl Heller will be giving multiple talks on the following:

“The Intergalactic Design Guide” Insights on the Power of Design

An intimate conversation with Cheryl Heller and Karin Hibma Cronan, who helped “Design for the Other 90%” at Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. During SF Social Innovation Week, which runs in conjunction with Design Week, discuss the stratospheric power of design and how you can find your place in design that really matters. Or any other questions about design at a galactic scale.

Monday, November 14th, 1:00–2:30pm, Gray Area Theater, San Francisco


A Lecture on “The Outer and Inner Edges of Social Design”

From hyperlocal libraries to global environmental movements, designing for social innovation has never followed standard rules (even for competitions). Join Cheryl Heller and other changemakers from diverse backgrounds as they reveal surprising perspectives about the world we are creating.


  • Cheryl Heller on the Outer and Inner Edges of Social Design.
  • Matt Ridenour on the OpenIDEO Challenge for our most pressing Food issue.
  • Rachel Beth Egenhoefer on USF students who are designing for social justice.
  • Vinod Rajasekaran on the resourcefulness of Canadian social innovation.
  • Kathryn Jaller on the charms and challenges of the Little Free Library Design Competition.

Tuesday, November 15th , 7:00–9:30pm, Gray Area Theater, San Francisco


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