9/22/2022 Fall ’22 Designer in Residence: Karen Proctor, Improv Lab

Understanding Natural and Social Systems

Fall semester: 1 credit
10/25/22 – 12/13/22 (10 sessions)
Tuesdays 6 – 9 pm EST
Instructor: Laura Ceron Melo
Location: Auditorium

Social innovation and social entrepreneurship, including novel approaches to financing these initiatives, are part of a vibrant global movement that promotes fresh responses to even the most vexing and complex social problems and needs. At the intersection of various perspectives and sectors, social innovation is largely a practice-led field and can lack common language and frameworks, depending on the stakeholders. What may be called social innovation can emerge from the public as well as private sectors (both for-profit and not-for-profit), from small start-ups as well as seemingly entrenched bureaucracies.

Through the lens of experts across fields that intersect with this one, via readings, instruction, multimedia, case studies, and class discussion, this course will provide an overview of key themes and types of actors in the ecosystem of social innovation. It will also help to place the current focus of innovation and entrepreneurship into context within longstanding efforts at social change.

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