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Wrapping up Creative Writing with Kate Reed Petty

Kate Reed Petty Headshot against black background

This week, we share a student account of our first year Creative Writing class led by Kate Reed Petty, a writer and communications consultant who specializes in civic and nonprofit organizations. This course is taught in a workshop style, and successfully finished up last week. Our social media specialist Krutika Galgalikar (‘23) shared some thoughts on the course:

“One of the most special things about learning Creative Writing for Social Designers with Kate is the beautiful writing prompts that she provides us. [Her] class allows for creative thinking, thoughtful expression, and meditative reflection,” Krutika said, specifically calling out the selection of Citizen: An American Lyric by poet and playwright Claudia Rankine as a powerful choice of reading. 

She went on to explain that the day-long writing session centered around peer review and creating two portfolios: one highlighting the professional lens (grant writing, letters of intent, web portfolios, etc.) and one reflective of their personal daily writing practice. For the latter, they were asked to draw inspiration from childhood hobbies, favorite books and movies, significant conversations, and other personal experiences and shape them into interesting narratives.

DSIers come from all different backgrounds and disciplines – not just traditional design backgrounds. Whatever baseline, this course gives students the skills (and inspiration) to take their writing to the next level.

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