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Welcoming New Faculty: Spring 2022

This spring, we will be welcoming–and in some cases re-welcoming–a number of practitioners to the DSI team, and we’re excited to introduce them! 

First we welcome back DSI ‘20 alum and one third of our spring ‘21 designers in residence to help co-teach our Global Guest Lecture Course! Ryana Burrell is a multidisciplinary designer with experience in People Operations process design, User Experience design, workshops, and facilitation. She is the Lead UX and Product Designer at BallotReady, an organization that builds tools that empower voters to feel more confident and informed at the ballot box. This work builds upon her commitment to and interest in designing for civic engagement, which took shape during her time at DSI in the form of a Fast Track project called VOCAL, which sought to provide users with the information they need to be more engaged citizens. 

In addition to her day job Ryana does some freelance writing and design consulting projects. She is passionate about creative practice as a tool for healing, and recently has been working a lot with alternative photographic processes such as chemigram, lumen prints, and cyanotype. Ryana holds a BA in Studio Art (Photography Concentration) from the University of Virginia and an MFA in Design from Social Innovation from the School of Visual Arts.

Another familiar face that will be joining the spring ‘22 team as part of the thesis team is original DSI faculty member Despina Papadopoulos: a researcher and designer working on the relationship between technology, materiality and embodied intelligence. She is interested in the ways meaning is created and shared for individuals and in communities and how technology participates in this process. She has been exploring some of these ideas by developing wearables and experimenting with e-textiles and new materials, leading innovation and collaborating with a wide range of organisations such as Ralph Lauren Innovation, Lubrizol Material Sciences, Nivea Research, NCR and 7 for All Mankind among others.

Approaching technology as gesture, she looks at past practices of making and artifacts produced, to uncover relationships between the past and the future that help imagine new uses of technology that bring in plurality and serendipity.She has been doing this by developing a methodology that merges disciplines and brings together systems design and mapping, observational and ethnographic methods and active collaborations with artisans. This strand of work has produced the Artisan Toolkit, mapping the creative industries in Bamiyan in work commissioned by UNESCO, and in running and facilitating workshops for social impact organisations.

Next, we are joined by the Antidote duo Freya Mohini Dutta and Ben Norskov, who will be co-teaching Games for Impact. Freya is a designer, educator, and craftsperson based in Brooklyn, NY. She’s created UX for tech companies large and small, and played and designed games in collaboration with nonprofits. She co-founded Antidote in 2013, where she is the Creative Director. She grew up on a ship, but would rather talk to you about plants, weaving, or small dogs. Ben is a designer, educator and technologist based in Brooklyn, NY. He builds installations in museums, runs co-design workshops globally, and manages complex technology projects for companies you’ve heard of. He is the COO at Antidote.

Our final new face is Taylor Ourada who will be co-teaching Metrics and Data Visualization II is a technology consultant whose expertise lies at the intersection of Healthcare, Public Sector, and Analytics. She has worked with government agencies on health care exchange platforms as well as payers and pharmaceutical companies on complex care management and patient engagement models. She has worked in product management and customer success roles for startups focused in employee engagement, behavior change, and older adult loneliness. Taylor is passionate about using data-driven insights and patient-centric feedback models to improve access to high-quality and equitable healthcare. Taylor also holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Ohio State University.

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