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DSI students Tara Maurice (‘20), Xuan Cheng (‘20), Ryana Bryan (‘20), and Grace Kwon (‘20) kick-started December by attending MFA Visual Narrative’s annual Story Of/ Workshop. This hackathon-style workshop challenged attendees to put storytelling first. Given the theme “Full Circle”, participants were encouraged to investigate experimental structures and explore new frameworks of thinking than they normally would in their chosen medium.

In addition to expanding these creative skill sets, the event served as a way for SVA students across departments to connect and network with both each other and NYC-area professionals.

Participating student Tara Maurice felt that the artist critiques available at the workshop was one of the most valuable resources, saying that “these guest critics came from worlds like film editing, podcasting, traditional writing and game design. The critic sessions helped to organize the effort of the team–knowing we had to move to the next step, but also say our story out loud and respond to it from the view of a new participant.”

We were excited to see our students win awards of various titles, including Best Use of Technology, Best Strategy, and Best Story, all marvelously demonstrating the power of storytelling and the many forms they may take.

Here’s what our students had to say about their experience:

Xuan Cheng

“We created a Netflix show called Einstein’s eyebrows. It’s a 22 minute miniseries, wherein our 65 year old genius desperately tries to change history before it’s too late, but gets trapped in a temporal cycle of opposing ideologies and strange family dynamics. Over the course of repetitive absurdist encounters with conservative families, einstein finds himself in situations where he has no control. Finally, Einstein learns that some things are out of his control and he just has to let go. Only then is he released from the loop. We based the structure of our show on Groundhog Day or Russian Doll–where something resets the story and the character finds themselves at the same physical time and place they were at the beginning of the episode.”

Ryana Bryan

“Overall the workshop was fantastic. My team won a judge’s choice award, and our team received extremely positive feedback on the interactive story-based game we produced. We are meeting this weekend to discuss the possibility of turning it into a real game, and already have a meeting with a potential stakeholder set for next week!”

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