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Spring 2021 Fast Track Students Announced

2 Circles becoming a vendiagram with the quote below

This semester, our Fast Track honors program will feature three incredible teams working on impactful, timely projects across the globe. The selected students began developing these designs outside of DSI coursework, and have brought them into our space to be workshopped and developed at an accelerated rate.

Second Years Bridget Qian and Shuyu Fang (‘21) are continuing their project from last semester, which began as a reimagining of accessibility in the art community.  Since the beginning of their project, the goal has evolved into developing ways for diverse audiences to experience artworks at home by utilizing interactive, self-directed playing card experience that encourages viewers to think more critically about each piece of art they encounter.

Alyson Fraser Diaz and Nishita Chheda (‘21) are working on an extension of their thesis project, which focuses on building healthy relationships between people who have experienced sexual violence and their loved ones. The duo is working to build an educational tool that will provide accessible and digestible information about trauma and the healing journey to grant both parties a better understanding of the complexities and long-term impacts of traumatic situations.

Finally, first year pair Daphne Luo and Kehan Zhang (‘22) will be tackling miscommunication and differing data sets across countries that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic. Their idea for the project came from the fact that Daphne is currently living in China, which seems to focus primarily on infection numbers, while Kehan is in the UK and seeing data that more directly addresses economic factors, mental health, and other side-effects related to the pandemic. They plan to address this mismatch utilizing data as a basis for emotional storytelling.

We’re looking forward to seeing what comes of these projects come April!

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