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Career Prep at DSI

Some of our most frequently asked questions here at DSI are “where can you go with a degree in Social Design? What are your alums doing? What kind of jobs do they get?” The answer is deceptively simple: DSI graduates tend to work at things they love, and bring an additional ability to lead change…

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A Look Back on Co-Designing with Ben Norskov and Mohini Dutta

This past weekend, an assortment of first and second-year students and faculty gathered together at the DSI studio under the guidance of Games for Impact Instructors Ben Norskov and Mohini Dutta for a workshop on co-design: a process intended to generate capabilities and tools to utilize in their own work practice as they collaborate with…

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Enroll for FLOX Studio & DSI’s Community Design for Leaders Summer Course–PRIORITY DEADLINE MAY 15

We are so excited to be co-hosting our Community Design for Leaders (CDL) summer course for a second consecutive year! CDL is a collaborative learning space intended for designers & creative professionals at various stages of their practice. Developed by FLOX Studio and DSI Faculty member Sloan Leo, CDL aims to keep the community at…

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Designer in Residence Update: Exploring Improv as a Social Act

This week, we officially kicked off faculty member Karen Proctor’s designer residency with an incredible session during our weekly Global Guest Lecture. The evening culminated in an exploration of improv as it relates to social design and change, and touched upon the power of movement, poetry, and imagination in pursuit of creating an equitable future. …

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Spring 2022 Fast Track Update

Our four fast track students have made quite a bit of progress since the start of the semester! Grayson Wise (‘23), Diva Gohil (‘23), Kehan Zhang (‘23) and Mickey Ferrara (‘22) have been researching, making, and collaborating with local and digital partners in order to make strides with their personal passion projects. First year Grayson…

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Wrapping up Creative Writing with Kate Reed Petty

This week, we share a student account of our first year Creative Writing class led by Kate Reed Petty, a writer and communications consultant who specializes in civic and nonprofit organizations. This course is taught in a workshop style, and successfully finished up last week. Our social media specialist Krutika Galgalikar (‘23) shared some thoughts…

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DSI is Honoring Black History Month

This month–and always–we want to take time to acknowledge and honor Black history, achievements, and culture both in design and beyond. Since launching our Equity in Design Scholarship and developing shared intention and resources for the DSI community, we have not stopped in our mission to build an equitable space for students and partnering communities…

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Applications are still open for Fall 2022!

While our priority deadline has passed, you still have the chance to join the Class of 2024 this coming fall! Applications are still welcome.  It’s not too late to make your voice heard and apply to a cohort that will help design the future.  As we pick up where we left off and reconnect with…

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Spring 2022 Fast Track Students Announced!

This semester, our Fast Track honors program will feature four unique environmentally and community-oriented projects. The selected students have already begun developing these designs beyond DSI, and are bringing them into our space to be workshopped and developed at an accelerated rate. First year Grayson Wise (‘23) is working to find a new way of…

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Welcoming New Faculty: Spring 2022

This spring, we will be welcoming–and in some cases re-welcoming–a number of practitioners to the DSI team, and we’re excited to introduce them!  First we welcome back DSI ‘20 alum and one third of our spring ‘21 designers in residence to help co-teach our Global Guest Lecture Course! Ryana Burrell is a multidisciplinary designer with…

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