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Final Projects: Fast Track 2021

Our spring Fast Track students have completed the year with a group of evolved, socially relevant projects. Over the last few months, the three projects run by Bridget Qian, Shuyu Fang, Nishita Chheda, Alyson Fraser Diaz, Daphne Luo and Kehan Zhang have seen substantial growth. 

Second years Bridget Qian and Shuyu Fang’s (‘21) long-term project, which began as a reimagining of accessibility in the art community, has evolved into a creative response to COVID-19 challenges. The pair has created an at-home experiential art kit that emphasizes the power of imagination and thinking beyond the visual impression of the art. Through concept exploration, art-making, and deep learning, users of the kit embark on an individual journey to learn and practice different concepts and ideas that trigger deeper reflection.

Over the course of the semester Alyson Fraser Diaz and Nishita Chheda (‘21) worked on an extension of their thesis project, and spoke with loved ones of sexual violence survivors and found that their primary desire was a space to get their questions answered. The pair responded by creating Side by Side–a digital platform that allows them to learn without judgement and provide them with a reliable source of information. On the site, co-survivors can send a direct message to a trauma therapist, receive a response with additional resources and learn from the experiences of other co-survivors.

Finally, first year pair Daphne Luo and Kehan Zhang (‘22) created an emotional storytelling model for those who have suffered either directly or indirectly from the COVID-19 pandemic, and plan to create a site where people can upload their own stories. The first stories of this project can be previewed in their youtube video.

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