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Fall 2021 Fast Track Students Announced!

From right to left Ruike, Shashank, and Wha Yong all standing together in a color frame smiling for their 2021 photos.

Fall 2021 Fast Track Students Announced!

This semester, our Fast Track honors program will feature three highly diverse projects dealing with different issues in the social sector: sustainability and art, emotional health, and issues around drug legalization.  The selected students began developing these designs outside of DSI coursework, and have brought them into our space to be workshopped and developed at an accelerated rate.

Second year Ruike Pan (‘22) is developing a project at the intersection of art and science that focuses on biopainting–a sustainable practice that uses natural, bacterial paints and has the potential to increase urban biodiversity. He hopes to bring awareness and accessibility to the art style.

First year Wha Yong Shin (‘23) is working toward creating an informational website or alternate resource to communicate the physical and mental health benefits of marijuana in non-medical contexts in the hopes of educating and facilitating discussion around the legalization of the drug in her home country of South Korea.

Finally, fellow first year, Shashank Sharma (‘22) is developing a journaling tool based on non-violent communication (NVC) tactics that will help people process their feelings and needs. He hopes it will also become a teaching tool in schools for young children.

We’re looking forward to seeing what comes of these projects by December!

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