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Fall 2020 Fast Track Students Announced

This semester, our Fast Track program has selected students working on impactful, timely projects across the globe. The selected students began developing these designs outside of DSI coursework, and have brought them into our space to be workshopped and developed at an accelerated rate. 

First year Kehan Zhang (‘22) is tackling the needs of the moment by focusing on the COVID-19 Pandemic. The goal of her project is to create a real-time data visualization website about how COVID-19 is changing the world. The benefit of effective data visualization is that visualized information allows the public to see the patterns and connections between pandemic data sets. It will both tell a story, and enable us to focus on critical data.   

Nishita Chheda (‘21) is working with StoryofMakers, a non-profit based in Mumbai, India to design ‘100 Tasks’: a deck of 100 prompts/activities based on the experiential model of learning. The goal of this project is to aid young learners between grades 3 and 8, who are part of the Indian Education System, break away from embedded rote learning methodologies, and adopt an explorers’ mindset, sparking their inner curiosity.

Esther Yip (‘21) is continuing a previous project, “Go Together”: an interactive learning and support tool for family members with loved ones affected by substance use. This tool is specifically intended for those who feel overwhelmed, uncertain, and lonely as they set out on their own journeys towards recovery. Through easy-to-digest, self-directed and self-paced modules, we hope to support individuals towards developing skills and knowledge to build resilience.

Second Years Bridget Qian and Shuyu Fang (‘21) are working to reimagine the accessibility of the art community to blind patrons in order to make them feel more welcome and to bring new perspectives and diversity into the art world. Their intended business model is to provide a monthly art package subscription among the blind and sight impaired community with collaboration from museums to keep the packages updated with content from new exhibitions.

All projects are advised by Asi Burak and Maggie Breslin.

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