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DSI welcomes prospective students at 2017 Open House

“Nobody leaves the way they came in, in very good ways,” DSI Chair Cheryl Heller told the auditorium.

At this year’s open house, faculty, alumni and current students came together to share what Design for Social Innovation is to prospective MFA candidates. Their enthusiasm for social design is exactly what we look for in potential students, too — people who don’t know exactly how they’ll help the world, but who are already fiercely committed to doing so.

Faculty members stressed that DSI is a place for mutual learning, where creative people are able to forge understanding together. And alumni shared their stories of growth, the overarching theme being: I thought I knew everything. I learned so much more.

For those who couldn’t make it to our NYC open house, we hope you’ll join us on the web. Our international open house video and brochure will be available in the coming weeks, and it will serve to answer your questions about the program. We are, as always, excited to meet a new cohort in the fall.

To apply to DSI for Fall 2018 visit our application page. If you find yourself in NYC, contact us at to schedule a tour.

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