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Natalie presenting via zoom her career prep workshop. She is screen sharing a white slide that says introduction, then her name

Some of our most frequently asked questions here at DSI are “where can you go with a degree in Social Design? What are your alums doing? What kind of jobs do they get?” The answer is deceptively simple: DSI graduates tend to work at things they love, and bring an additional ability to lead change in those fields, to enhance and expand them. Here, students learn an abundance of adaptable skill sets that can work well in any field.

This week, our students met with career development expert Natalie Cumberbatch to learn how best to market their DSI capabilities in critical thought, experimentation, co-design, research and strategy, and more to various fields of work regardless of the path they choose to pursue. Across the history of our program, our graduates have earned themselves positions in government work, tech firms, education, environmental agencies, creative consultancies and NGOs, and more. 

Though there is no one “right” path for our students, Natalie helped them hone their skills in the basics to ensure they can stand out among job seekers: goal setting, resume preparation, soft skills, interview prep, networking and more. We are grateful for this collaboration and always eager to help our students connect with firms and people of interest as they explore their passions and professional futures.

For more information on what our alumni are doing, take a look at our “alums at work” page!

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