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Spring 2022 Fast Track Students Announced!

This semester, our Fast Track honors program will feature four unique environmentally and community-oriented projects. The selected students have already begun developing these designs beyond DSI, and are bringing them into our space to be workshopped and developed at an accelerated rate.

First year Grayson Wise (‘23) is working to find a new way of communicating the climate crisis through what he plans to be a multimedia exhibit inviting people to engage meaningfully with the issue. Through a case study of Yellowstone National Park, he will explore the ways in which climate change is forever altering America’s National Parks. 

Diva Gohil (‘23) is also taking on an environmental focus, as she works toward developing an informational toolkit/app that helps people grow bioplastics at home using leftover native food waste that can potentially replace single use plastics like ziploc bags, cling wrap etc.

Kehan Zhang (‘23) is combining her passion for coffee culture and sustainability by partnering with rating and mapping platform EcoRate to uplift eco-friendly coffee shops and promote a paradigm shift toward reusable materials and sustainable sourcing. 

Finally, second year Mickey Ferrara (‘22) is launching an experiment she calls “The Care Mobile”, inspired by the work of mutual aids organizations in the pandemic that mobilized volunteers to transport food, cash, clothing and other necessary supports to their communities. Her idea, similarly, is to develop a mobile care unit staffed and supported entirely by volunteers: neighbors supporting neighbors.

Our students continue to inspire us with their innovative ideas for the present and future of our communities, and we are excited to watch these projects develop over the next few months.

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