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Mapping the Body with Marie Lloyd Paspe

This week, the first year’s Mapping and Visualization course invited dancer, singer, performance artist and creator Marie Lloyd Paspe to provide a new perspective on the concept of mapping and storytelling via choreography and the body. Before jumping into an interactive session with our students consisting of a guided meditation, warm-up, and spiritual dance party of sorts, Marie connected her work to the class context through storytelling, stating that: “choreographic elements are used to evoke emotions and thoughts, and to present, comment on, or push back against themes. Unless intentionally built, dance works typically have a beginning, middle, and end… Mapping the body has the potential for visualizing a person’s ancestral, present, and future story.”

Reflecting on the experience, first year student Krutika Galgalikar said she had an amazing time, and learned that “the elements of movement and dance are similar to elements of maps and design–there is balance, rhythm, alignment, contrast and harmony in both. In dance, alignment helps communicate the emotion and choreography, while alignment in well-designed maps help in making information visible and accessible.”

We are always so grateful to our astounding guests at DSI who help us make meaningful connections between the world and practice of design to external fields.

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