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Building Community at DSI

Students have been taking initiative all semester long to foster community at DSI–perhaps most notably by creating a rotating Values Committee. Born out of the Global Guest Lecture class and rotating monthly, members and value topics shift, giving any and all students interested the chance to collaborate and lead outside of coursework.

This week, we held our bi-semester Community Chat to close out the year and recharge together before finals week and had a wonderful session conducted by this month’s Values Committee members around our values of the month: Clarity & Transparency. In the workshop, students, staff, and faculty took part in a self-reflection on approaches to conflict before mapping out our results together to identify similarities and differences in conflict approaches within the community as a step toward greater understanding between one another.

The facilitators left DSI grounded in the fact that conflict is natural and inevitable when collaborating–especially in the often high-stakes world of social design. Approaching conflict is one of many community practices we are cultivating as a part of DSI’s values around Transparency, and we are thankful to the December committee for putting so much thought into how we could do this together.

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