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Getting Back to Nature with Danielle Skinn’s (‘20) Compostable Pillow Studio

This week, we caught up with Danielle Skinn (‘20) and were pleased to hear that she has officially launched her Fast Track project under the name of Skinn Design! While she was a student here, Danielle participated in our honors course to develop her long-time personal project: compostable decorative pillows that invite consumers to “close the loop” on textile wastes. The pieces are made of a combination of natural fibers, wool, cotton and wood, and are completely biodegradable when buried.

Now residing in Salt Lake City, Utah, Danielle has been experimenting with natural dyes made up of quebracho, cochineal insects, and grounded walnut skins that are sealed into the fabric using an ice-based tie-dye technique. She has presented her newest samples at local makers markets and at Salt Lake City’s Fine Furniture and Interior Design Exhibit this past October. While in New York, Danielle also scoped out the NYC Design Week scene to gather information about exhibiting future works, explore possible studio spaces, and connect with other regenerative design communities for possible partnerships and collaborations.

For more information on her pillows, you can visit her website and Etsy shop, and keep an eye out for her upcoming feature in the April 2022 issue of SVA’s Visual Arts Journal!

136 W 21st St,
5th Fl.
New York, NY 10011
(212) 592–2205