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DSI at the Riso Lab!

This year, as part of the Leadership I course–taught this semester by Sloan Leo–our second years have been working with SVA’s RISO Lab to develop final projects. The goal of the assignment is to create an innovative artifact about community design for distribution to the DSI community using the Risograph printers.

Risographs are small, inexpensive, high speed printers that utilize soy-based ink rather than the more wasteful standard plastic toner, and are often used by independent activists and artists for zines, prints, books, and flyers. Some additional background from the SVA Lab states that: “while [they were] originally designed and marketed to cater to schools, churches, restaurants, and small businesses, the Risograph has been adopted by artists and designers interested in self publishing over the last twenty years.” 

The photos of work included in this post show what our second year cohort created as a test run during RISO Lab boot camp: an 8-hour training required to use the printers. We are so impressed with their first round projects and have been putting them up around the studio to liven up the space!

We are looking forward to seeing what our 2nd years come up with in the lab, and to see how they impact our DSI community in the long term!

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