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Catching up with Veda Borgave (‘21)

Since early on in her career as a product designer, Veda Borgave (‘21) felt a lack of connection. When focused on the technical aspects of her field, she was immediately more interested in the “behind the scenes”–or the systems, services, and storytelling elements of products and how they interact with users and their experiences. From this discovery came an interest in service design and impact-oriented design, where she began to build out participatory research models to test impact of her prototypes before realizing she wanted to put more intention behind creating meaningful impacts explicitly–which is how she ended up at DSI.

Since graduating, she has taken a job as Design Lead at Moonraft Innovation Labs, where she focuses primarily in research and strategy within her team. Moonraft–a large team spread across India, South Africa, and the U.S–comes under the umbrella of UST Global and works with multiple client streams across healthcare, finance, and beyond to build future driven innovations. Across a majority of projects, Veda collaborates directly with stakeholders and decision makers to determine their needs–much like the thesis process at DSI–and then helps companies begin to address them.

With client work being a core part of her day-to-day, Veda now cites DSI’s Communication Design course as one of the most memorable parts of her MFA experience–particularly her work with Weill Cornell, which allowed her to develop strategies for pitching projects, getting to know her clients directly, and receiving and implementing feedback and criticism. 

She encourages new students of DSI to pay close attention to the smaller, indirect learning moments, as everything will help build your work and character. “DSI as a whole taught me to be ok with my instincts and be comfortable in my own skin… I learned a lot about self-belief and self-assurance. Instead of just looking at what you can put into a course or thinking about how people would look at it, think instead about how little moments can push your work ahead.”

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