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Thesis Intensive: Research & Interview Methods

Mari Nakano wearing a white shirt under a black blazer behind a podium on stage. They are at the 2019 thesis show

This year as part of preparation for Thesis Implementation in the spring semester, our second years are participating in intensive workshops that will allow them to hone their skill sets and capabilities in a way that best prepares them to take on their larger project.

Thesis advisor Mari Nakano prepared a workshop on research and interview methods, which touched on the importance of relationship building, the art of asking the right questions, and identifying which tools to use during what steps of the research process.

In Mari’s words, “design research is the act of getting to know the community who you are designing with, so that you can build solutions centered around their voices and lived experiences.” These relationships are built over the  course of a 5-step, often nonlinear process involving: shaping the problem, empathizing, ideating and procreating, testing, and capturing impact.

We’re looking forward to seeing how our students adapt these frameworks to best suit their community partners’ and project needs.

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