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Gearing up for Fall 2020

With a successful orientation complete, DSI is in for an exciting semester. This year’s Jump-Start featured a combination of design thinking workshops from members of our faculty, advice on the creative process from 2018 Alum Jeralyn Richardson, and an assortment of games and conversations that allowed the DSI family to get to know one another better before beginning their semester of hard work together. 

Now that classes are underway, we’re looking forward to a unique semester of opportunities and collaborations. Our designers in residence–Liz Jackson and Alex Haagaard of The Disabled List–are beginning their sessions with students as early as next week. The pair will teach concepts of cultural disability, tactics for designing with as opposed to for communities, and how to embrace “knowledgeable fearlessness”. In November, we will be participating in a collaboration with MFA Products of Design for a timely course on Design & Politics that will coincide with the election, taught by our own Sloan Leo and PoD’s Jennifer Rittner.

In addition to these special collaborations, we will be hosting an incredible line-up of speakers for our Global Guest Lecture course, which will be recorded and published on our website as they occur. Stay tuned for future updates on our semester of innovative projects!

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