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A Jump Start Into the Fall Semester

This week, we officially welcomed second years and our incoming cohort for the fall semester with Jump Start: our annual orientation week to prepare students for the learning ahead and to get to know select faculty and one another.

We begin orientation every year with a long-standing tradition at DSI, giving each incoming student 5 minutes to introduce themselves however they choose. This year, these introductions came in the form of sharing family photos and stories, virtual games, videos, a walking tour of Germany, and other creative models. One particularly memorable moment came from newcomer Mickey Ferrera, who drew a tarot card representative of the group’s energy. She drew the Eight of Bottles (a substitute of the traditional Cups suit). The Eight of Cups invites one to ask themself what brings them joy, contentment and fulfilment on a deeper level; it symbolizes change, soul-searching, and moving on to bigger and better things. The group resonated with the reading on the call, and we are excited to see where the soul-searching will lead them all.

Be sure to check in soon for updated bios from our new social innovators, and take a look at our introductions for each of them on our instagram.

As for our second years, they’re kicking off their thesis process with their own orientation lead by 2018 alumni Jeralyn Richardson, who is sharing invaluable tips and tricks to get them through the year ahead the best they can. We are looking forward to seeing their projects develop in the months ahead.

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