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Final Project Round-Up: Technologies for Designing Change

This year in Technologies for Designing Change II, our first-year students’ final assignment was to create videos articulating their learnings about facilitation and hosting conversations, or ideas for terms to describe new or emergent behaviors or phenomena. 

In response to the first prompt, Alyson Fraser Diaz broke the necessary parts of facilitation down into an easy-to-follow recipe, using a clever culinary comparison to effectively communicate her ideas. Darya Zlochevsky and Sharon Xing emphasized the importance of creating a safe digital learning environment by prioritizing peer-driven learning over traditional leader-driven models. Esther Yip further broke down remote learning techniques using tactical imagery to elevate learning.

Mahima Jaju examined commonly occurring behaviors in online learning, such as accidentally talking on mute or interrupting one another, and used these as inspiration for new language. Laura Cerón Melo analyzed the world’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and created a new word for the experience–”Metachrysastrophe”–which she came up with by dissecting the linguistics of existing language used to explain the current historical moment.

As a result of the global pandemic, the spring 2020 semester was distinctly unique in its teachings and students were able to use these worldwide changes as an access point into new and interesting perspectives.

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