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DSI’s Got Talent!

On Friday, April 24th, Mahima Jaju and Evan Ressegger of our 2021 cohort organized an hourlong talent show for students, faculty and staff to share music, poems, cocktail recipes, and more with one another via Zoom. The result was countless smiles, laughs, applause, and a much needed moment of comfort and community.

The DSI Community is full of vibrant, talented individuals who have so much to offer the world, and we’re grateful that we could set aside a time to celebrate that before the end of the academic year. With all of the serious, impactful work we do in our program, it’s important to take time to enjoy hobbies and share these gifts with one another whenever we can.

Thank you to the DSI community for the vulnerability, love, and support toward one another. The program is what it is because of your kindness and individuality.

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