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Communication Design Highlight: DSI and Weill Cornell

As part of our spring 2020 Communication Design course, first-year students have been actively collaborating with a number of organizations to respond to real-world design problems. One design team, composed of Sherrie Shao, Esther Yip, Jacqueline Bao, Annan Yang, and Veda Borgave, have been working with the Weill Cornell Medical College on an innovative interactive learning installation developed by Dr. Jonathan St. George, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine.

The Protected Airway Course Learning Installation at Weill Cornell aims to provide an immersive and interactive learning experience to help medical students translate their airway knowledge into actions during stressful emergency moments. The DSI team’s goal is to uncover design opportunities that will “break the boundaries of the traditional conference environment to provide a more powerful and lasting learning experience.”

Students had the unique opportunity to do observational research in the field. They set up a participatory feedback pod during a live run of the installation with Weill Cornell med students at the end of February. The pod consisted of large feedback walls, suggestion maps, and interactive journey mapping interviews that allowed for the medical students to reflect and build upon their learnings from the installation. Their insights focused on how participants interacted with the learning content, how they moved through the physical space, and how to rethink the current system. Students are improving the user journey and providing iterative feedback to the Airways Project team by prototyping design concepts and new user experience strategies while working with multidisciplinary stakeholders in-situation.

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