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DSI Will See You Online!

As the world experiences a multitude of challenges due to the unfolding coronavirus crisis, we wanted to share some changes that DSI has undergone in the past few weeks.

The School of Visual Arts is taking the situation very seriously and has responded quickly to the needs of our community. SVA is prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our students, staff, and faculty by switching to remote learning for the remainder of the semester.

DSI has risen to the challenge of distance by creating and maintaining supportive community spaces online wherever we can. We hold space for each other to listen, grow, and grapple with the effect this pandemic is having on us, our societies and systems. Each and every member of the DSI family has been working hard to maintain the level of rigor and passion required of our coursework as we shift to life remotely.

In the true spirit of our program, students have taken this crisis as an opportunity to critically discuss and unpack the shifting of systems in a time of unrest, examine history, and explore the role of individuals and community in making great change.

Outside of class sessions, we have all committed to building up a supportive, resilient community. We are now meeting in virtual classrooms, adopting new language (slacking, zooming, thumb upping), understanding the pacing and selfcare required to work in isolation, assessing the tools that we utilize daily to keep up with and inspire one another from the safety of our homes. We are establishing new rituals, implementing weekly calls, screening films or and participating in readings collectively. It is imperative to us to move through this uncertain time together, especially as we adapt to the transition.

We are extremely proud of the DSI community and will continue to post updates on the situation as needed over the course of the semester. We are open to suggestions and sharing resources.

As we’ve learned: the world can change overnight, and DSI is prepared to change with it.
Won’t you join us? Please reach out to us at dsiinfo@sva.edu.

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