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Exciting Collaborations are Happening in Communication Design!

Our spring semester is well underway, and big projects are beginning to take shape. As part of our Communication Design course, first-year students will be collaborating with some wonderful outside organizations to solve design problems as a team. They are utilizing verbal and visual communication skills in ways that can effectively engage, persuade, and positively shift behaviors of clients and communities.

Say No More
Robin Newman (‘15), Meghan Lazier (‘15), Sam Von Ehren
Say No More began as a card game designed for DSI’s own Games for Impact course in 2014 by alums Meghan Lazier, Robin Newman, and Michelle Kwon (‘15). The project’s goal is to help middle school girls better understand and create healthy relationship boundaries while recognizing threats to their safety. After winning a Sappi Ideas grant that same year, the team began developing a larger-scale version of their game with the goal to distribute the product more widely.

Now, in collaboration with a small group of our first years, the Say No More team is working to find the best approach to creating a marketing campaign for the game’s digital launch. They are also co-developing additional educational materials to assist presentations given by trafficking specialists.

Blank Plate
Mai Kobori, Eulani Labay
Blank Plate is a creative culinary program using the power of design and hands-on collaboration to inspire teens challenged by food injustice. The goal is to transform and build up their existing relationships with food and their communities.

They came to DSI with the intention of finding new partner organizations, funders, and communities. After studying their existing content and material, they’ve challenged DSI students to help develop their brand identity, create a strong online presence and restructure their business model to prepare it for scaling.

Weill Cornell Medical, New York Presbyterian Hospital: The Protected Airway Course
Dr. Jonathan St. George
The vision of the Protected Airway Course is to transform medical education by using design thinking to better translate complex knowledge in healthcare. At the current time, Weill Cornell has achieved successful multimedia, hands-on “learning installations” with participants of varying experience levels within their hospitals.

Their goal for collaboration with DSI is to amplify the innovation behind the project by seeking inspiration from beyond traditional silos in medical education. Our students have begun attending sessions of these learning installations and are working to synthesize what they’ve learned at Weill Cornell with design intervention to enhance experience-based learning.

The Climate Museum
Miranda Massie, Anais Reyes, Saskia Randle
The mission of the Climate Museum as an institution is to “inspire action on the climate crisis with programming across the arts and sciences that deepens understanding, builds connections, and advances just solutions.” With this goal in mind, they will be revealing a new exhibition this year on Governors Island.

In collaboration with DSI, representatives of the Climate Museum are working to build an effective communication outreach and engagement strategy for their new exhibition, which is set to open this June.

Design Justice Network
Denise Shantee Brown & Wes Taylor
The Design Justice Network is an international collective committed to making design more accessible to marginalized communities. In their work, they “use design to imagine and build the worlds we need to live in — worlds that are safer, more just, and more sustainable”. In order to achieve this end they follow a set of core principles to ensure they put communities first in their practice.

With our students, they hope to brainstorm and develop strategies for sustaining existing members and attracting new ones in order to reinforce the idea that design should be for everyone. The collaboration will provide material toward a shareback plan the DJN hopes to present at the Allied Media Conference in June.

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