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Faculty Lee-Sean Huang launches podcast “Design Future Now”

Lee-Sean Huang, who teaches both semesters of Technologies for Designing Change, has kicked off a new podcast for AIGA called “Design Future Now”. Each episode features a guest or two from the world of design, but not necessarily in the way one might expect (as expected from Lee-Sean, our favorite provocateur). The trailer for the podcast even jokes about its own content, asking the very question social designers often hear: “So…how is that design?” In this vein, the podcast aims to be a guide to navigating the changes we are seeing in design as a discipline and profession. How might we take on these opportunities and challenges as a design community?

DSI chair, Miya Osaki, is scheduled to feature in an upcoming episode alongside DSI faculty Tina Park, and her business partner at Diagram, a healthcare design studio.

Our own chair, Miya Osaki, has participated in a new episode alongside DSI faculty and business partner at healthcare design studio Diagram, Tina Park. In the segment the pair discusses their experience getting to where they are now, and what sorts of changes they’re seeing in healthcare design–and what changes still need to come.

Listen to the podcast here, or search “Design Future Now” on Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, or Overcast.

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